The Universe’s Plot

We look up to the universe, and we see an incredible, powerful force that governs planets, stars, black holes, or God knows what else that we cannot even be able to understand. Watching this grand design, we may think that we are puny and insignificant. How can we influence anything or affect anything with what we do, one may think? We may go further and believe that the universe is working against us since we are so limited in this plain. Well, physically, we are limited, but spiritually we are nothing less or more than any other creation. We have chosen to live with limitations to testing our strength. So, after all, is the universe an ally or an enemy?
The answer is that it is both; it is what we wanted to be. The universe can work for us if we learn its way. First, we must know that we are interconnected, and we are all one. Once we have that knowledge, we refuse to promote the element of the doubt, and that is the greatest achievement of all.
Now, with that in mind, let us analyze our wishes, our prayers. Why some of us get what we pray for, and some do not? It is because of what I have suggested: the doubt or the belief of how the religions put it. Since we work hand in hand with the universe, with God, we should be able to achieve the same results.
Now, how many times we wanted something to happen, and it did? So many times! The doubter in such cases says, “Well, a coincidence,” while the believer says, “Praise the Lord.” The universe is bending to our wishes when we stop doubting. For instance, when we are prone to help others, the universe sends us people who look for help, from smaller things as asking for direction to people looking for love. Did we ever think that the more we give, the more we have? It may seem paradoxical, but it is not. Since we give from the heart, the universe understands us, the giver, and work with us to make sure the resource is unlimited so that we can achieve our purpose. Everything works in sync. We must see it. The invisible energy of the universe is God’s consciousness; it is our consciousness.


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