Do enlightened people have down days?

Questions and AnswersCategory: EnlightenmentDo enlightened people have down days?
thespiritualone Staff asked 2 years ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 2 years ago

In short, no. There will be no more down days when we achieve better understanding and spiritual awakening. We learn to accept and let go, and as a result, there will be nothing to worry about. Most negative emotions will be gone, particularly fear, which is the primary low energy that creates “down days.” Some of us will characterize such beings as insensitive, but it is far from it. Emotions will always be there to experience love, joy, or sadness, but they will not affect the state of being, bliss, and inner peace. For instance, most of us will suffer for a long time when a loved one passes, but that is either non-belief in the afterlife or selfishness. We suffer because we are left here; that is all about. We have nothing to be sad about when we learn to accept and understand that death is nothing but a transition back home.