Does deja vu mean you're experiencing something you experienced in another lifetime?

Questions and AnswersCategory: HypnosysDoes deja vu mean you're experiencing something you experienced in another lifetime?
thespiritualone Staff asked 5 months ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 5 months ago

What is very interesting is that Deja vu can be many more than that. Yes, it could be an experience from another lifetime, it could be intuition that comes out as already happen, or even cit could be others experience that connects to us, and that is something reviled from many hypnosis sessions.
Let us recap. For instance, one day, I suddenly thought about a person that I have not seen in a long time. Strangely, a few steps further, I meet that person, and then I have the feeling that already happened. That is because through intuition already happened, in a sense, we can predict the immediate future. Did anyone had this kind of experience?
Other times you see something that looks very familiar, a building, people, places, and suddenly we have the feeling that we recognize it as we have seen it before. Yes, that could be some experience from another life.
What is also very interesting is that some of us experience someone else experience that is called an imprint. That it may happen for beings coming here for the first time, and the need for that imprint is that they need to have less traumatic shocks, especially when incarnation happens from higher planes.
So, as we can see, there are so many things that we may not be aware of. However, clarity is coming to us when we do extensive meditation. That is one of the best techniques that improve our other senses that maintain a connection with the source, with God.