For those who aren't scared about death, why is that?

Questions and AnswersCategory: FearFor those who aren't scared about death, why is that?
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Fear of death

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FulfillmentThe only reason that we may be scared of death is that we lack knowledge of the after-life. If we come to the realization that death is only a transition and after all a blessing we would stop being afraid. After all, all fears converge ultimately to the fear of death, and that is making our life miserable. Starting celebrating life and enjoy this beautiful gift will make us understand after all that is nothing to be afraid of.
In my book Fulfillment I have explained in a whole chapter this simple concept and how we can overcome it.
Chapter 41 – The Pain and Fear of Death
“Pain is not the enemy but the consciousness of a friend.”
That is a well-known expression, but not too many of us know what that means. Some may say that is a lie. Many of the genuine people are afraid that telling the truth may get in trouble. So, what is the truth and what is freedom?
The truth that we discuss here is the universal truth, is the oldest of the truths or better told the truth before time and the only absolute truth. Once we figure it out, we become free. This truth is the revelation that masters brought to us, the God’s truth, DAO, the way, the universal creation is the ultimate truth that we must remember. We always think about physical freedom, but only spiritual freedom will set us free. Knowing the truth, knowing God is the creator of all and God is all, we cannot be otherwise but free. We are free by nature, and no human-made laws or rules can take that away. God’s freedom will inevitably set sovereignty at all levels.
The truth removes the fear which the source of our imprisonment. Besides, any fear is induced by the fear of death, with no exception. We must realize the death is nothing to be afraid of. It is only a way to get back home; it is a final stop on our journey before commencing a new one.