How Can I Start the Spiritual Process?

Questions and AnswersCategory: AwakeningHow Can I Start the Spiritual Process?
thespiritualone Staff asked 2 years ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 2 years ago

I can guide you by posting here my own experience. Since you have addressed the question, it is a sign that you have arrived at the moment of your awakening. It was happening to me and others and eventually will happen to everyone. No one is special in that sense. I would recommend, besides meditation, watching movies, documentaries and reading related articles and books. Some authors worked hard in passing the teaching. I would recommend Dr. Wayne Dyer. He wrote many books that can guide you and bring understanding to the subject. He was also part of the movie “The Shift,” which is a must-see in my humble opinion.
One thing that I must warn you about is that some materials may resonate with you, some not. Do not get discouraged. Just move to the next one if you feel that way.
From my experience, I have to tell you that we cannot rush things. The process will go natural as it supposes to. I had my expectations high at the beginning of the process, but slowly, I realized that the awakening process works differently for each of us. However, the results are amazing. The realization and connection that we make with the source are the most beautiful experiences in this life, again, in my opinion.