How can you hypnotize someone without their knowledge?

Questions and AnswersCategory: HypnosysHow can you hypnotize someone without their knowledge?
thespiritualone Staff asked 1 year ago

Hypnosis against self-will

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thespiritualone Staff answered 6 months ago

Governments, people on top are succeeding very well with all these techniques. What is hypnosis one may ask? In scientific terms, hypnosis is the process when parts of the brain become more active and others less active. It could be considered as a dream state. Isn’t that what is happening to us on a daily routine? We are being convinced to buy more stuff, cars, houses for exorbitant prices enslaving ourselves, and that is being done through media in all its forms. All the advertisements are made in such a way that projects a false reality that we are ending up wanting it. We are going from a simple induction when watching TV shows to full hypnosis state when we cheer passionately and fight over one team or another. Almost everything that is promoted through our society has that hidden scope to hypnotize us. Are they doing it without our knowledge? You decide.