How do I know if my guru is genuine?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Spiritual LifeHow do I know if my guru is genuine?
thespiritualone Staff asked 3 weeks ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Any guru is genuine if he helps you to fulfill your purpose and find the truth and your personal path. I encourage you to watch the movie “Leap of Faith” from 1992 with Steve Martin.
The world is full of people preaching and having websites and media accounts. Watch them, listen to what they have to say, and if you find yourself entangled, that is one of your gurus. If you feel they are fake, no worries; move forward in your search. Personally, I have embraced any guru, past or present, who gave me the knowledge that I needed and helped me to move up the spiritual ladder.
Look up Jesus, Buda, Lao Tzu, Mother Theresa, or more currently as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Yogananda, or Ram Dass. They may inspire you and be your guru with their presence behind the veil.