How do you feel about People having religious beliefs other than your own?

Questions and AnswersCategory: ReligionHow do you feel about People having religious beliefs other than your own?
thespiritualone Staff asked 5 months ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 5 months ago

Religious beliefs are not much different from each other. If we dig deeper into all religions, we come to realize that every single one came from the absolute truth of God’s existence. What we, people are doing, after all, it is a different story. I used to say that” Every religion holds one finger from the hand of God and says: I know God better than you.”
The fact that religions make us believe that we are better than others is just against God. As long that religious people are not fanatics, I strongly believe that we can be closer to God when practicing. For instance, if we go to church and feel more liberated and love and compassion overcome our beings, than we are accomplished. On the other hand, we can be spiritual people without being religious. We can discover or rediscover the truth and stick to it.
I am going to tell you a joke that I heard once.
The devil and his disciples were wandering the streets. One of the students started yelling.
“Master, master, I see the truth on the street.”
The devil said: “Do not worry; just keep walking.”
“But master, what if someone will find it?”
The devil replied: “Do not worry, if someone did, he/she would start a new religion.”
We are born into religions, and we must question everything until we discover our own truth. There is nothing wrong with one religion or another, but we, people, can make it wrong.
We must practice acceptance and see the good in people no matter what religion they are. Jesus said, “Love each other.” and not “Love your fellow Jew and hate the others.” We are all one.