How do you use energy to heal with your hands?

Questions and AnswersCategory: ReikiHow do you use energy to heal with your hands?
thespiritualone Staff asked 1 year ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 1 year ago

The mechanism of using energy through our hands is well known for thousands and thousands of years. Of course, we can try to give a scientific explanation and elaborate on how is this working, but after all, that is not relevant. Yes, it is great to have an understanding of things, but also is even better to understand that such a feature is coming built by design. We all can manipulate and direct the energy from the source through our hands. The hands are not by accident having sensors that can be activated. What we will be doing is merely letting the flow of energy to be directed through us. Usually, this energy enters the top of the head. If our bodies are pure, the energy will flow best and being directed to an unbalanced organism can fix the problem. That is what we call Reiki, Qigong or any other name we want to give. More than that, if we live in a higher vibration, we will be able to amplify such energy just like the magnifier amplify the light. That is what Jesus had been done with all these ill people. His message was clear: “What I can do you can do, even more.”