How do you enjoy work and create spiritual values in the workplace?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Spiritual LifeHow do you enjoy work and create spiritual values in the workplace?
thespiritualone Staff asked 2 years ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 2 years ago

That is a serious question for all of us who have chosen this path. The idea is great, but we hit a wall when we try to talk to others. Many of us have close-minded and rooted deeply in the physical world, so it would not be an excellent point even to try to open such a subject. They may be offended in their own way, and it is very possible even to start a fight. I have learned from my own experience that the energy that we create around us will attract the right audience. What helped me was to be peaceful at all times and do meditation and breathing exercises multiple times during the day, even if it is for a couple of minutes at once. It is almost like a miracle that the most outrageous people will calm down and be more peaceful themselves. In time, our spiritual efforts will become fruitful. There must be no doubt in our minds. On my last job, I have gathered people and did meditation for half an hour every day. That was beautiful and a good step toward spiritual values. From those, I found many who were not just open but felt the need to discuss and enjoy the topic. And the great point is that we were all from different cultures and religions, but still one, one source, one God.