What should we not do during meditation?

Questions and AnswersCategory: MeditationWhat should we not do during meditation?
thespiritualone Staff asked 4 months ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 4 months ago

Many of us start meditation with high expectations. I have to confess I have started the same way, but soon I have realized that we have not to do it. Having expectations is affecting our daily practice and meditation routine and make us believe that we fail.
One other thing we have to avoid is to use yoga or any position that makes uncomfortable. The posture must be straight, but we should not force ourselves in any that will bring us pain in the long term. Otherwise, the meditation would be compromised over the pain we feel.
One last idea is that we should not fight our thoughts. Especially we start meditation for the first time; many thoughts will jump in. Fighting or getting upset over them will affect the meditation exercise significantly.
Ultimately will learn to let go, which is the greatest lesson we can learn through meditation.