What’s hypnosis like?

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thespiritualone Staff asked 1 year ago

Interested in hypnosis and its benefits

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thespiritualone Staff answered 1 year ago

Hypnosis is definitely different from what we see in the movies or the fake shows. Hypnosis is a state of mind close to sleeping, and it is happening many times during the day. When we drive the car, when we daydream or when we get lost watching TV. As a technique, it is very simple, and it is safe to say almost anyone can learn it.
During the hypnosis, we are in the subconscious state, and we may feel a little strange but definitely is a nice relaxing feeling. Once we are achieving the complete relaxation, and we are 100% subconscious, or I would say fully conscious from the perspective of detaching from the immediate reality, we get to experience our true nature. The state is a state of connecting with the source through a channel that is always active but disturbed by the surface mind. Under hypnosis, we can understand and take full action over the body and mind, and we may experience some amazing forgotten feelings or even non-experienced feelings. However, to better understand I suggest to have a session with an open mind and removing fear from the picture. When doing so, we may achieve what we have believed to be impossible.