What's the point of studying hypnosis?

Questions and AnswersCategory: HypnosysWhat's the point of studying hypnosis?
thespiritualone Staff asked 4 months ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 4 months ago

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool we can learn. To see the point of it is up to anyone. For some is a tool of connecting to the spiritual world (see past life regressions techniques or QHHT). For others is an instrument to get in touch with the power of self. Many may say I cannot give up smoking, or I cannot cure my body, and then under hypnosis, all this is changing.
Some are just curious. There are so many points but always is coming back to self-determination and understanding. However, if we see no point, that means we are not ready to use such a tool, and again is nothing wrong with that either.
What I have to say is that when someone asks such a question, it is clear that he or she is ready and should pursue it.