Why does meditation make people more positive towards me?

Questions and AnswersCategory: MeditationWhy does meditation make people more positive towards me?
thespiritualone Staff asked 3 years ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 3 years ago

Meditation is an amazing tool that teaches us to let go and automatically remove more and more our egos. Once that is achieved, we, and our mind, become less aggressive, and with that, our mental energy is more and more positive. Positive energy emitted from our minds has a positive reaction on all beings around us, so people will have less tendency to be negative around us. Some time back in Washington was a meditation seminar, where hundreds or maybe thousands of people meditated during a week. Surprisingly police reported a decrease in criminal activity by more than 60 percent or so. So, all criminals meditating that week? Less likely. It is, in fact, the energy process I have talked about. Police in Washington asked for funds to repeat the experiment. They never did it.
Science does not want to explain it because most scientists do not want to change their focus from physicality and the five senses. However, that it will change, I am sure about it.