Will people hate me if I try to introduce Jesus to them?

Questions and AnswersCategory: EnlightenmentWill people hate me if I try to introduce Jesus to them?
thespiritualone Staff asked 3 years ago
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thespiritualone Staff answered 3 years ago

When I talk to people about Jesus and his wisdom, if they have a spiritual inclination and open mind, they really love it. I have friends from different cultures and religions, and we love to share wisdom from each enlighted being that we have heard or read about.
What people do not like, and I have to agree to them, is when we do not want to convert to a different religion, but someone uses Jesus to pushed his or her religion onto us. That is nothing but a trick that brings more people to one or another religion or sect. I must say, some of the people talking about Jesus, even though they pushed their own dogma, are very sincere and enlightened, but their methods are still a little unorthodox. Jesus spoke the truth and shared it with everyone, but he never wanted to create another religion. He would easily have done that. I hope I am not hurting anyone with my words here, and if I did, I apologize in advance.