What is the meaning of this blog?
We are seeking to open our minds and to bring spiritual purpose to our lives. It could be one way of awakening through these articles, but we have to remember, it is one perspective of many. If those ideas do not resonate with us, the readers, we should not get upset, and we should move forward to different blogs and articles.
We do not intend to make this process subjective, so please do not get offended. We do not want to provoke anyone; we are only trying to bring the truth back to the surface. Yes, we do not expect everyone to like these articles. Not everyone loved Jesus either. We are the messengers and not all the time the message is well received, but at least we would like to be received with love and not madness. It is not right or wrong in the awakening process; it is just awakening. We can do it, in one way or another. However, remember we are all one with God which is all love.


-The Spiritual One