Healing Through The Power Of Thought

Lately, we are pushed into fear by a virus and more by our leaders through their media. What should we do? It could be scary to be forced to stay in and listen to a neverending story of sickness and death. We can do one thing alone that can bring us peace and happiness: use our power, our thoughts. Our thoughts are our powers, and they can defeat anything, including the virus. How is that? It is easy to achieve. Think every single day that we cannot get sick. Elevate our though energy to higher levels, way superiors to the virus. We can do it through meditations and prayers. Imagine the virus’s energy as darker than our light energy, and that way, it cannot get to us. More than that, do not think hateful against the virus or the people promoting this status quo. As I have mentioned before, we cannot fight the devil because the fight is his creation, but we can imagine the light illuminating it. That way, with love and compassion, kindly ask this energy to return to the universe.
And repeat for yourself like a mantra: “I am healthy, and I stay healthy through the power of love.” Further imagine that power to jump from people to people, the same way a candle is lightening other candles. Love is like light, it does not consume itself when projected and transferred to other beings, and it is neverending.
Our thoughts are God’s everlasting gift; just remember that.

God bless


One comment on “Healing Through The Power Of Thought”
  1. Interesting.

    Getting a Heart Transplant to correct the 6th Stage Conjestive Heart Failure.
    Overcoming Massive Myopathy of Viral Myocarditis 40 years before. 60% of the Blood being pumped into the Heart failing to be Pumped Out of the Heart.

    I have strong Diet, Physical Yoga Practice, and Spiritual Perfection justification for my Miracle Cure of both in relative short time. Enough in the first to have Cardiology Doctoers at a Major University and VA Hosbital KNEE’s Buckle.

    That being said. I simply let it BE for the Heart Transplant. The heart doctors knew what they did not earlier and the results were the same. A OK.

    Knowing that energy cannot be Created or Destroyed I have no issues with Changing Matter Form or what Form my Light finds itself.

    Sure if my wheel fell off my motorcycle at 100 mph. I would have at least brief words before Joining the Reality of Light that Cannot be Created or Destroyed.

    Oh crappy Matter. Best not cling to matter simply changing form or forget I am the Light. “Follow Me”. Not me.

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