Mass Meditation

Event: Today Apr 4th at 10:45 PM EST

Hello everyone,

Many of us do meditation daily, and it is incredible. Meditation is a great tool that connects us with the source and brings us closer to God. That high energy that we are willing to receive is the force that creates miracles. Now, imagine what we can do by ourselves, and what we can achieve when we put a global consciousness to work.
Not long ago, there was such a case in Washington DC when a group of meditators joined and meditated for about a week. Surprisingly, the rate of criminality dropped by seventy percent for that week. It is no secret that when we focus and wish the same thing, we are all going together on that path, either good or bad. That is how Jesus happened, by the necesity, when people were desperate and prayed to God; or on the other hand, when wars happened, and dictators came into power following the consciousness and firm wishes of people. Now it is time to remember what we can do. We can stop wars; we can prevent diseases and bring abundance and peace on Earth. With one condition: we must be willing and focus on that direction. We must bring light and love into our lives. Now it is time once again. Some people are afraid and despairing with the new condition that has been imposed upon us, the coronavirus. Tomorrow, we have the chance to manifest our consciousness, to show the power and put an end to misery and fear.
Everyone who wants to participate, tomorrow at 10:45 EST at a mass meditation, a mediation based on the power of light, can join from anywhere in the world. Please, share this message and let us clean up the Earth from the negative energies.
How do we do it? Please follow that instruction, or if you have your ritual, please practice it. Millions of people must bring positive energy at the same time.
Meditation of light:
-Connect with the source. Usually, I imagine a massive ball of white light, and I emerge in it. It feels like returning home, and love and happiness invaded our beings.
-Cleanup ourselves first. Imagine any part of us that needs to be cleaned and transformed from dark to light.
-Once we are light, we, millions of souls, travel as light through the universe cleaning everything in our way.
-Finally, we arrive in our realm, right here on Earth.
-Then, we travel with any speed we want as light and lookup for any darker areas where, for instance, the virus is more active. Light will not kill the virus but will transform anything to light and love.

Everything will become light, and Mother Earth will glow and restore to its original state.
When we do this together, we can achieve any state of love and happiness. Mass mediation is the most powerful tool that we can use against negative energies like fear, anger, or anxiety.
Let us do it. Please join at that hour, you and your friends and family and I can assure you, we will make a difference.
If mediation does not resonate with you, please use your prayers for you your family and the whole world.

God Bless