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Am I free? Are you free? Are we free? Freedom was and is a debate for centuries, or even more. We move from country to country because we do not feel free. The thing is that everything that we build is a personal perception, and freedom does not make an exception. And the worst paradigm is that we look at liberty from an inappropriate perspective. We have been told so. Every day we hear about freedom of speech or freedom of sexes, or God knows what else we can come with. We created fake concepts of freedom, and at any time, we cannot satisfy them all.
In conclusion, we decide that we are not free. Consequently, we aspire to become somebody rich, eventually believing that only being in that position will be respected and win our freedom. That aspect is only relevant because we have agreed to live this life as gladiators, competing and killing others’ dreams to satisfy ours. In the end, everyone following this path will not have peace and contentment. Freedom will be a forgotten dream.
So, what can we do? We cannot live such an unhappy life. It is time to change perspective. Freedom is not a physical concept, and all restrictions imposed by individuals or groups of individuals are not relevant. I have posted an article couple of years back, “The Truth Will Set You Free.” I encourage you to read that one as well. The idea of being free does not have roots in physicality. We have always been free, but we created walls around ourselves and forgot what and how it is to be a free spirit. We are all free souls; that is our agreement with God, and man maid rules are not related to freedom at all. Find your own truth and set you free. And only then will we realize that we are powerful free beings, without exception. Life is only an experience that we have chosen, and all the obstacles and restrictions here on Earth are for our spiritual evolution and enlightenment.


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  1. Yes we are free indeed! We could be free deep within. Freedom could be express welll thru writing. Keep them coming!☺️

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