A Soul Is a Child

Our souls are eager to learn, to be let free, and to forge that beautiful curiosity and imagination, just like children. But after all, what is the Soul? There are as many answers as the people we ask, but one conception is common: belief vs. non-believer. Many of us believe that our souls identify with ourselves; others do not believe that the soul exists or persists after death. So, this article is for the first group of people who are curious and awakened to a new reality that is closely related to the spiritual world. What would be the purpose of our Souls? If we descend from the spiritual realm, what do we do here, and where do we go after death? Let us start the story with the similarity between a soul and a child.
In a physical world, a child is born and starts his or her adventure with curiosity and enthusiasm. A child learns a lot about people, animals, places, and different social concepts during childhood. Later the children become adults, and as grown-ups, we forget how it was to be a child. Well, that is what we have to understand. Our souls never fail to be child-like, and that is what we, the physical us, must understand. Like we give children room to evolve and grow, we must act with our souls because we, the souls, never get old in the sense of the body does. A soul only grows wise. When we talk about an old soul, we may refer to wisdom and understanding of the truth and not age because age and time are not a helpful concept in the spiritual world.
I used to say that Soul, Body, and Mind are the geolocation of God. If the soul is the most humbled one, the body and mind could be very destructive. If one of them takes over the others, we no longer pinpoint the source. We came a long way but somehow got stuck from physical body boss to mind-boss. None of them should be prevalent for the soul to fulfill its mission. Body and mind are only tools that must help the soul, nothing more. Rooted to deep in physicality, we perceive the body and mind as the only tools used for evolution to be only physical and limited. The great leap will happen only when the soul takes the driving wheel and be the child that discovers and wanders.