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Is the punishment the right approach for us? Let us analyze it a bit with a clear mind. Our society is based on punishment. We have been punished as kids as well as adults. What is the result of it? Did we become better? Do you remember how it was when your mom or dad punished you? I do not know about you, but I am sure, and I remember clearly that punishment most of the time forced me to follow the wanted path but never convince me that is the best method to correct my mistakes. As an adult, it became even more evident that punishment is nothing but a tool that builds up the worst energy of all: fear. I am not getting into the discussion about prison and criminality, but it is obvious that punishment does not correct anyone. The only correction comes from within. Only if we are willing to change ourselves, the change will come. Otherwise, out of fear, there is no change. A society based on fear is doomed to destruction. Many may say that is no other solution, but I dare to contradict that idea. If we grow with love and compassion and every mistake is met with understanding, we can have a bright future. And the best part is that we can learn from our mistakes from previous generations and ancient time.
We can learn from our enlightened brothers and look into ourselves. Ask God for guidance. Isn’t that so that we are accepted back into the realm of Heaven by asking for forgiveness? So, the only correction of a mistake is to ask for forgiveness. But not verbal, from the heart. Be truthful to yourself; always look for the truth, and the change will come. It will be a good change, a change that will move us to a new level, which we are meant to be.