Who am I?

As we are born, all our life we are to believe that we are the body. When we say she or he is so beautiful or handsome, we refer to the body, always.

The belief is driving us in all the problem we have today. Because we also learn to judge everyone and everything.

I am physically stronger than my child, so she or he must do as I say.

I am slimmer than my neighbor, so I am handsome he is ugly.

I am taller than him; I am better etc.

Every single judgment or action is coming from physical abilities. Then I grow smarter, and I start thinking. I am smarter than my colleagues. I can think and do things faster for all the tests I must pass at school or later at work.

Associating me with my mind is the second stage, again, the same thing is happening. I am started judging others based on their intellect. We may say; they are not so intelligent, or they cannot see the difference between that and that. Oh, come on! Very often we are saying; I am smarter than him.

Is no difference in comparing body or mind, we do the same thing we have been thought: judging.

So, what is wrong with judging? As I talked to my brother, he keeps telling me that we like judging, it is what we do and we humans enjoy to judge and gossip.

Well, we enjoy because we have been taught this way.

But let’s go to the next step: become wiser. Instead of competing we can cooperate, and if we do that, we can do anything we want. We can stop judging, and once we do that we make a significant discovery: we are not the body or the mind we are the energy that inherits the body and the mind, we are the soul, consciousness or whatever name we want to give.

Just think when you are using every day the expression: my body is healthy, or this is my body. Same applied to mind. So often we use the phrase: “Are you out of your mind?”

Always is that “my” or “yours” in front of it. But who is that “I”? That is “ME,” the real me, the energy that inherits the body to experience this world.

Once we come to that realization which is not a discovery but a remembrance, we can go to the next step of evolution. We will not mistreat someone because we have a perception that people have a smaller, uglier body or a unevolved mind. In an objective reality, they are none of that. It is just an experience everyone has chosen here on earth and sometimes being less intelligent you may get to learn a better lesson.