Don’t be afraid

We live in a society that tends to be bound to fear. We are being afraid of what are people going to say if we take nonconformist action, we are afraid of failure, we watch mostly scary things on TV, or read in newspapers. Everything is projected on us with fear, the main ingredient for an unlivable life. We are afraid to live, and we become the slaves of our creation. As I said so many times fear is being promoted by some of us, so we do not do what we are supposed to be doing, enjoy life and fulfill our purpose. Of course, some of us are taking advantage, but most of us are forgetting how is to live in love and not in fear.

Everything that is happening is because we allow it to happen. We learn fast the way of what others projected on us, the knowledge of how should I behave, what is success, how much money I suppose to make, and what is the house of my dreams.

Do we need all of those? No, we don’t. We are baffled between what we need and what we want because we are being altered. We become what others think about us, or what positions we have at work, or how much money we have into the bank account. And that is not the true selves. We are none of that. Almost no one on the deathbed will think that he or she should have had more money, or more power or a better position in society because, at the moment of truth, that is irrelevant. We all will think about love, about how we should have loved and helped more. Why do we have to wait for the last day? Why cannot do that right here, right now? That is because we are afraid. Do not be afraid, live and love life, love yourself and love others, and at the last moment, we will pass gracefully with happiness and joy, with the certitude that we did everything that we came here to do.