Human nature

Everyone would like to know how is human nature. Are we good? Are we evil by nature? Some of us push it hard to show we are not good by nature, making movies or writing books or songs picturing us humans as, if not evil, at least very bad.
And then we are saying: “It is not my fault, it is my nature.” But what are we implying by that? We try to find an excuse for our behavior. If we are so bad, why do we need an explanation? That is because we are not. We use it to cover ourselves, to play the “not guilty attitude.”
I recently saw a documentary where an experiment was played. Children were asked to choose a puppy after they watched it in action. A cat was trying to get something out of a bowl, but it couldn’t do it.
A puppy came and helped the cat. In the second scene, the same cat trying to pull out that thing and another puppy came and scared the cat away.
Now the children are put in the front of the dogs to choose the dog they want to take home. Ninety-plus percent of the children have picked the first puppy, the one who helped the cat.
We could see that we are born as great beings, willing to help and be kind to each other.
But then how and when this dark side shows up? We have to go back into our evolution here on earth. We came into beings as humans, and we had to survive. We are not big compared to some predators, and we had to use our cleverness to be able to hunt instead of being hunted. We needed a dark side to be able to arrive at this point and not to be extinct. That was the first test, the physical evolution, the easy one. Now we are not in danger any longer from the physical point of view. We have technologies that help us to build and protect us. The hard test is laying in front of us. We have to remove the dark side and become enlightened, meaning to have only the light inside, which will be the spiritual evolution, the “return to home” to the source. It is the hard part because most of us do not want to give up the dark side, and since there are no more competitors through animals, we turn against each other. We are the perfect competitors. Now is the time to acknowledge that and return to the light. The time is up, and the choice must be made. We have the power to evolve or to destroy.