Spirituality and Religion

If we would compare spirituality and religion would be like comparing the Latin language to Italian. Even if we speak Latin, we may not understand Italian and vice versa.

Same with spirituality and religion. A spiritual person is not necessarily religious and vice versa. Coming back to the comparison Italian is a Latin language, at the root Latin is the base language. Same with religion; at the root is the spirituality the universal Truth, God. In time, in the same way, Italian got changes and addition from Latin same with religion. So many generations have passed, and every one of us influenced it and changed it little by little. That is a problem now with religions competing for each other and making us believe that we are different.

Christianity makes the best way of life for Christian people, as well as Buddhism, is the best for Buddhists or Judaism is best for Jews, or Muslim religion is best for Muslims.

Every religion resonates with some of us one way, and with some in another. First of all, even if we are born with one religion does not mean is the best way, but the best way for us, because we are part of it. All religions are, starting from God, and only us, people make them looking one way or another, changing the perception of what God is and making others believe what we believe through our creation. Every religion at some point in time had dogmas and rules that later are becoming lies because those were a deviation from the Truth.

What do we have to do then? The easiest way of communicating and understanding each other is to go back to the roots, to the spiritual. Let’s us be more spiritual and less religious for a while because we all are one, we all believe in God, even we gave Him so many names, we are all the same, a little big star browsing the universe.

Think about our masters who came here on Earth. They did not want to create any religion, but to spread the word of God, the Love within us. For a moment return to that love and forget about anything else.