A conversation with my Spirit Guide

The Spirit Guide: My dear Soul, remember all your training and knowledge that you have from here. I must warn you; it is not going to be easy.
The Soul: How come? I see everything from up here, and it looks a straightforward job. I looked down to Earth, and I saw us with our puny actions and struggles. It was like a little puzzle from up there, and it seemed so easy to fix it. I can just move that, and that and the puzzle is complete. Only a few small moves. I bet it will take no time. I said that even I knew that time has no importance.
The Spirit Guide: They will be going to be angry with you. They will ridicule you. Some of them will hate you, some of them will even hit you, some of them will try to push fear onto you and the worst of all some of them will try to put doubt in your heart.
The Soul: I will be gentle, I will explain, I will make them understand, and I will love them. I will do everything I learned here, and I will use all my divine knowledge.
The Spirit Guide: It is going to be suffering, for you and others.
The Soul: Did I not suffer here in the chamber of training? Did I not even stay forty days and forty nights in the coldest of coldness and the hottest of hotness?
The Spirit Guide: Yes, my son you did, but you knew that you were in the training chamber. You will forget it down there.
The Soul: I will not forget. I will remember everything; I will do the job that I must do, I promise.
The Spirit Guide smiled gently at me, and I saw few tears in his eyes. I started crying too. I knew it was time to go. At the same time, I was so happy to go and have that fantastic adventure on Earth. I was like a kid going for the first time by himself to a camp trip. I was so ready to go.
The Spirit Guide: OK, my son. It is time.
I hugged and kissed my Spirit Guide, and I started running and then jumping: one small jump, one bigger and bigger and then I was out of there. I was a little light going fast toward Earth. It was a great feeling. I heard my guide, almost like whispering behind my back: Remember…
I suddenly felt different, and I knew I was with a body. I open my eyes, and I saw mom and dad. I was a baby boy, and I was so happy because I remembered where I came from and who I was. I saw my Guardian Angel, and I told him; “I remember.” Then he asked me; “What do you remember?” and He, the light melted into the light of the Sun.
I was thinking myself, what do I remember? I forgot! I started crying very hard. The doctor said: “He is a healthy chubby boy. Crying means he is doing great.” But I wasn’t. I was upset with myself, but I didn’t know why.

PS My dear Spirit Guide. I kept my promise. I remembered, but you were right, it was not easy at all. It took me longer than I thought just to remember. Now I have a lot of work to complete. As I said, here is different, and it is kind of hard to work with people, but I will not give up. I will keep my promises.

Then I heard: “It is great to hear from you my son.”