Mind vs. Heart

Do you follow your mind or your heart? This question was chasing humanity for a long time. Every single heart desire is overridden by our mind and even we have a choice we are blindly listening to our mind. Why is that? That is because we have indoctrinated for so long that mind is the most important and is the only way of living. Western philosophers were pushing us to believe that. The popular Latin expression”Cogito ergo sum” by René Descartes usually translated as “I think. Therefore I am” is one of the examples. That was way back in the sixteenth century. Since then, in the western society, our mind is becoming predominant. We even think when we drive, when we walk or even when we eat.
Ultimately we become prisoners of our mind, and instead using our mind, our mind is using us.
That EGO is manifesting with so much authority that we forget there is something else in us.
We are a trinity here on earth. That is the way we come into existence: body, mind, and soul. In here we need all of that to coexist.
The only one of them that is eternal is the soul, the true-self and we must listen to our true self. You can call it intuition, heart, strange feeling. However you may call it, but do not ignore it.
How many times we have this feeling, this gut to do something? Immediately the EGO comes in and gets us out of that.
I should quit my job; I have this feeling. But then the mind is overriding. Are you crazy “You need money, you need this job.”
Or “I like this girl.” “Forget it, buddy, she is out of your league,” and much, much more.

How do we become more spiritual?
The best way is to use your heart and not your mind. Many of us think that it is a metaphor, but it is not. The heart is having the role of a spiritual teacher and provider for us. If we read a little about Chakra system, the heart is the center of love and compassion. If we live by the heart, we live a happy life and are becoming more connected with the source.
Please do not cage your soul, do not enslave your true-self. Your freedom is exclusively up to you.

Here is a very descriptive short Disney movie called Inner Workings.


4 comments on “Mind vs. Heart”
  1. Eha says:

    “How do we become more spiritual?
    The best way is to use your heart and not your mind. ”


    If you already recogized voice of God, ask Him, do not just lay on your’s oppinion.

    1. God is in our heart. If we know God is with us, God is us, that would be the meaning. I apologize for the confusion.

      1. Eha says:

        Mind should NOT be “vs” with heart. Wisdom from above and Holy Spirit work together, so should mind and heart. Only then there is truth talking to you through to your’s heart and you understand it.

      2. Please do not post religious comments. This is a spiritual site. Sorry, no religion, no politics. Thank you

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