The word

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. This is the first verse in the Bible in the opening chapter of the Gospel of John.

What does it mean? There are so many interpretations because this is the way communication with words works. Let’s make it simple. We are communicating with words. The word is the result of our thought, our creation and is mighty, is creation itself. God created everything with the power of thought. That is the meaning. Once we get the thought and the word was spoken, we create because we are part of Him. We create the same way He is creating. He was creating us in his image, and again interpretation comes into the picture. His image as the energy not body. God has no body as we do. His body is everything.

The word is very powerful and it can create and manifest through us and through others. As don Miguel Ruis mentioned in his book The Four Agreements, the word can be black or white magic. Once is past onto us it can affect us in a positive or a negative way, depending on the energy that we attach to it. If someone is not kind, we may get upset and react in the same way. If someone is nice we feel that we are special.

We, humans, think that we are more developed than animals because we have the power of speech. It’s that true? Animals never get confused because the way of communicating is most of the time based on feelings and energy sent from one to another, wordless. In a documentary, it shows a group of antelopes peacefully having their meal and suddenly one of them stopped eating and look to the others. Immediately many of them did the same and when more than half of them were in that state, they started moving toward the river. It was time to get to the water which there was not an easy task and pretty dangerous sometimes. They decided based on the majority to go. But how do they do it? There was no word but also it was no confusion. The message was clear.

We lost that capability or we are very good at hiding it. We fight because someone is telling us a bad word. How is that possible to get upset when someone is telling you a simple word? It is because the word got the power over us. As a matter of fact, words are the worst communication ever.

Have you ever watched the old silent films by Charlie Chaplin? They are amazing. We get everything, feelings, story almost without a single word. That is advanced communication based on feelings and images. It is happening in the same way with telepaths. We have many time this kind of experience especially with the people close to us, to communicate through telepathy. And there are no words just feelings and images.

The interpretation could sometimes be taken word by word even we want to transmit a metaphor for a better understanding. Like Jesus did so many times and we took it literally. We are now in Church eating brad as is God’s body, where that was a way to make people understand how to union with God.

What should we do then, stop speaking? No, but we should have a better understanding of the words, we should not be attached to them in any way. Then we will bring inner peace and happiness.