Life is a show

Many of us, if not all, are feeling that we are part of a show called life. When we watched some movies we may cry, we may laugh because we see people from that movie in us. We all understand love, compassion, sadness, happiness or humor and that is nothing but life. Do we feel that this experience is real or is a show? In the end we not just think is a show but we know it. We can choose the happy or the sad ending just like the drama or romantic movies. Some are trying to control our lives, but sooner or later we will awake and come to the realization that God created us equally.
Some of us in power believe that they are the controlling God. Once we attribute this title we become the opposite of God. We cannot control and enslave people if we love them because God is loving and not controlling and punishing us.

We have been watching “The Truman Show” movie with Jim Carrey, but we didn’t realize that Truman, the main character in the film, is every single one of us. He got dreams, and always they have been crushed by others. Only when he decided to take the path into his own hands, he became free. Then he realized that he was part of the show controlled by others.

Think about it, isn’t that us? When are we going to awake and follow the path? Maybe this life maybe next, but reading this article perhaps sooner than later. Life is a movie, but the script is not written yet. We have to choose from many possibilities and make the show successful or not. And the beautiful part is that we do not need a budget because God is the sponsor of this show and he offers us unlimited resources and unlimited numbers of actors. There are no primary and secondary roles because we are all stars in this play of God.