Mother Earth (hypnosis conversation)

This article is a continuation of “Mother Earth.” It is a conversation that I had, under a past life regression hypnosis. It was culminating in a communication with my Higher Self. For this article, I am getting a part of the conversation about Mother Earth. I wish to make a remark that, later when I was listening to my conversation I found out that is a good similarity with the Bible and end of the world, and that was amazing. Please enjoy the conversation. I was finding myself in a library room above heaven.

Mihail: There are many books. It is very strange. They are about the Earth.
Andy: A model earth or about earth?
Mihail: The books about the Earth.
Andy: And what do they say about Earth?
Mihail: You have to study to understand better Earth. And then we have to study to make people understand.
Andy: What is the most important thing to understand about Earth?
Mihail: The book says that Earth is a being of light. It is holding us, and we have to become the light to be able to stay with it.
Otherwise, Earth will go. It wouldn’t stay.. this entity of light
Andy: Otherwise earth will go?
Mihail: Yes. And will leave the people behind. It says that we have to understand earth and to explain it to people. Then people will understand, and we will be one with Earth, one with light, the entity of light that earth is.

Mihail: We have to keep studying. It says there are so many possibilities.
They are with a bad… actually, there are no many with a bad ending. They are all with a good ending.
They are just looking they have a terrible ending, but then they are turning out good, all of them. It is saying there is no bad ending
Andy: And what do you learn about that shift everyone is talking about. It is going to be good no matter what?
Mihail: Yes. It says that the earth is an entity of light and it is going to shift; it will go..
If we don’t make the people understand they cannot go with it.
It is not like physical Earth will go, it is just like a different dimension, consciousness will go.
Andy: Is that every human will have to understand it?
Mihail: Yes, but is hard, it is not even possible.
This is the bad ending I was talking about in the beginning.
Andy: And what is the bad ending is looking like.
Mihail: Is that many will not understand and they want to live the same life they live now.
Andy: And how is that end badly?
Mihail: It doesn’t. They wouldn’t go with earth. But it is OK. They will be fine either way.
Some will go with Earth, some will stay, but they are going to be fine.
They will go back to the light either way.