Absent minded

“Absent-minded” is becoming a virus. More and more of us are lost in thoughts and cannot even communicate properly. Is the expression correct? When we are absent, it is more like missing or lack of something. It is suggesting that mind is not present. However, the mind is not just present but is flooding our consciousness. Millions of thought are invading us, and we cannot pay attention to the present, to “now.” This is a simple thing that deludes us from now. We have so many thoughts on past or future, and still, we say we are absent-minded. The mind is defeating the purpose. Instead of helping us is using us, and we become slaves of our mind.

Seeing more and more of us confronting this plague, I did a little experiment when I ordered a drink at a Starbucks store. Many of you know that you have to tell them your name so they can put it on the cup label. What I said was: I am Mike, and I am five years old. It was a total surprise. The girl didn’t even notice. She said so, your name is Mike? Then I repeated, and she started laughing. She was utterly lost in thoughts. We all are, we forget to live in the moment. We let the life to pass through us. This is not living but living like a zombie.

Why is this happening? We have to find the root of the problem to solve it. It is a combination of fast pacing life and fear that make us always think what is to be done to fix so-called problems. We have issues with everything, parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, money, society, jobs and so on. We created all of these issues in our little mind. None of the problems exist, but they are an intrusive perception of reality. And we are coming again to the same principle. Calm your mind! Get out of the environment that we created, or we are in. We must practice meditation, contemplation, reflection whatever resonates with us. We must bring back the peaceful mind. We must stop being afraid. We said it again and again, but then fear is crawling back. That is the main problem that obstructs “the now.” But the process is reversible, we can do it. We can come back to “Now” if we want that. It is us of doing and undoing. Now we have to undo and return to the happy life.