What makes us unique?

Somebody asked the question: What makes me unique? It is not about me; it is about us. What makes us unique? To start, I would like to show the difference. Once we ask “what makes you unique” we already consider me different from you, we have already made a separation and then will be no reason to answer the question. We are all the same and still unique.

What makes us unique? It is the experience that we have chosen. We have decided to have different bodies, to be different races or to live in various places, altogether different experiences and implicit, different ways of creation. That is what makes us unique, because other than that we look to each other as a reflection in the mirror. You are me, and I am you. When we are talking about us humans, yes, we different from other species, but again just as our perception of the world is different. We see things differently, but that does not mean necessarily that we are unique.

As spiritual beings, we are all one we are connected. The uniqueness is our signature because we have a unique signature. When we come into this dimension, we keep the uniqueness of the body, unique fingerprints, unique iris and so on. However, all these body characteristics should not be confused with the real us, the true-selves behind the body and the mind, and we are using these attributes in a wrong way. We used them to prove that we are different, we separate us from each other, and we believe we are so different that we fight each other, kill each other and fear each other. We think that we are unique, but with a closer examination is really hard to prove that uniqueness, and that is not bad actually. Understanding this concept will bring us together and connect us through infinite possibilities.