Why is Jesus special?

If we had the option of allowing billions of future humans to live eternally happy in heaven, we would’ve done the same thing that Jesus did. So is He special after all? All of us would say the same thing. But one is to say, and another is to do. To start with, can we do what Jesus did? Forget about the final sacrifice. Can we love others unconditionally, can we be so connected with God that we can heal others, can we teach others, can we be kind and compassionate, can we stop fighting and killing each other, can we give up the material world and dedicate our lives to helping others? It is something that we can prove without theorizing. But do we do it? Well, we don’t. We didn’t get there, to that level of consciousness.
Jesus is a messenger, a teacher, a healer and finally, he is a Saint. He is the higher level of consciousness. He was not, and he didn’t want to be famous. We people created religions and made him famous. He was here to remind us of our power and our connection with God. That is all.
We consider him special because he was the greatest teacher of known times. In our long history, we know in our hearts that were so many Christ consciousness beings walking on Earth, but only Him is relatively recent with our current times, and He has influenced us, then and now. He said: “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” He was referring to us, the future humans walking the Earth. Yes, we are blessed because he walked with us, taught us and inspired us. That is why he is so special to us. He is the Christ consciousness that we have to become. He was so simple and yet with simple words he opened so many doors for our understanding and spiritual evolution. He loved us so we can love him, to learn to love. Yes, we love Jesus, and yet he didn’t bribe us for that but He taught unconditional love.