Healing energy

We, humans, have used energy for healing our bodies for a very long time, even without knowing it. One may ask, what is the healing energy and how is it used to heal our body? We can go back to Jesus’ time and ask that simple question. How was Jesus able to heal people? He told us: “Everything I do you can do and even more.”
Imagine ourselves healing the sick, bring God into people’s soul, doing miracles. Is that possible? Yes, it is. The energy that Jesus was talking about is nothing but the divine energy, the energy of God. This invisible energy is all around us, everywhere in the universes. It is waiting for us to use it and directing into our bodies, helping us to heal our bodies because a body is nothing but information about energy. Once this information is malformed or disrupted, we will have an imbalance which translated into sickness. There are many tools available to us but we ignore them, we use our “great” mind to overcome what is divine. Not far in the past, Dr. Usui a Japanese who studied in a Tendai Buddhist monastery school use this energy to create another way of healing called Reiki. However, this is the same as others: yoga, meditation, tai chi, chi kong, hypnosis. Every single one of those ancient techniques is using the same divine energy. As a matter of fact “chi” means universal life force energy. It is fascinating that we do not have such a word in English. The western civilization rejected this energy to start with, transforming it into a myth. We can see why is hard now to believe its power since has been hindered from generation to generation as a part of our belief system.
Recently there was a man on a video practicing tai chi, and that was impressive. He was moving with ease, very accurate and fast. Why was that impressive? That was amazing because that man was one hundred and ten years old. He used to practice tai chi for a long time. He allowed the divine energy to float into his body every day believing in it and using the power of intention, the power of thought. Nobody is stopping us from doing so. What we have to do is to believe in it and unlearn many of the things we have learned and have been told by people around us with or without reasonable intention. The major obstacle is the “that is not possible; I do not believe it” expressions that we hear, learn and use every day. Moreover, we have to admit that is the most challenging part, to open our mind toward the divine. The beauty of it is that once we do so, this energy is tuned for goodness, everything in our body, mind, and soul will be recovered to its original pure state.


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  1. To make a long story short. I had pulmonary edema, a Myocarditis. X-Rays of the heart show a heart the size of a fist growing to a heart the size of a basketball. Once the Doctors could do nothing. When 60% of the blood pumping through the heart did not flow through the arteries, but seeped through the heart tissue.

    I simply said, enough is enough. Western Medicine can do know more. I did my Raja Yoga, of Parmahansa Yougananda. Perfected My Will, Single-Pointed Concentration and Deep Meditation on the Cosmic Sound of the Vibration and the Light of the Universe. “Om”, “AUM”, AMEN”

    GOD, Christ, Truth and Light, From Yogananda’s I spiritually received from Whisper’s of Eternity.

    “God’s Perfect HEALTH permeates the nodes of my Bodily Sickness”,
    “In all my cells his healing is Shining”
    “The are entirely well for his perfection is in them”

    I walked out of the Hospital with a tube in my Left Ventricle where Digitalis was Dropped in to a 32 year old heart. Returning to the Hospital 3 months later that heart was the size of a fist. The Doctors Knees Buckled.

    Ironically, 40 years later, Medicine had improve with finally that heart died. Today I have a 21 year old heart.

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