Spiritual places

What is a spiritual place? Many of us when hearing such question are thinking of their church. That is that spiritual place. Moreover, for them that is correct. The spiritual place is the place where we connect the best with God. One’s spiritual place may not be same for another because our energy signature is different. When we feel connected to a place is because our energy frequencies are in harmony with that place. Could be the place we were born and lived our whole life, but we may be surprised to see that could be some other place where we feel like home, a place where we have a previous life perhaps.
Also, holy places can have attached a signature of other aware beings like Jesus, Buddha, Maria or Francis or many others who came to earth to spread that energy and divine knowledge. Energy signature of those beings will remain and be available to us. That is the reason we may feel great and happy around those places.
Nature could also be a divine inspiration and settlement for our souls. We have here on earth so many places like that, yet we tend to live in big cities polluted spiritually. No wonder we start feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. Our connection with home, with the source, is broken.
We should always take a little time to connect, go out in nature, to our church, anywhere we feel the connection. That will give us the feeling of happiness, security and ultimately unconditional love.
Many of us do not feel anything in church for example, but still, we are going because we hear if we do that we will go to heaven. There is no logic in that and remember God is exceptionally logical. We must take our way to happiness and heaven right here on Earth, and we are the only ones deciding for ourselves. No one can do it for us, even our priests or other leaders. Most of the time if we follow blindly we will end up being unhappy and unfulfilled because their truth is not our truth or is not true at all.