Distraction vs. attraction

What is a distraction? Distraction means confusion; it is something that directs our attention to something else that we wanted or suppose to be noticing or doing. On the other hand, the attraction is a force that tends to put two particles or entities together. We heard many times about the law of attraction, but that is a different discussion altogether.
Let’s get back to our two brothers attraction and distraction. It is one of the items in the duality book of existence.
The thing with those two relatives is that they can easily be confused by one another. Someone or something is working hard to bring that confusion into our lives. With the way that media is working these times, it is not difficult to achieve. Imagine we see an advertisement to Las Vegas, promoted as an attraction. We pay lots of money to go there, and we spend lots of money being there. Everything that is created in Las Vegas is a fake artificial world that is a distraction in disguised. Let’s face it. We are attracted by a distraction because it is nothing but something that distracts us from our life and makes us forget what we have to do with our lives. Coming back from Vegas, we realize that we have spent too much and we have to go back into the labyrinth of work to recover from that loss. Moreover, the worse part is that we did not gain anything while we were on that vacation. There was no beauty of nature, no relaxation or contemplation of any sort. We have returned more tired physically and mentally than we arrived there, and we move further from our purpose in life, our goal.
Moreover, this confusion that transforms distraction into attraction goes on and on; restaurant, bars, games, branded clothes and products of any type, everything promotes distractions to make us forget what is that we have to do here, with our lives. Everything tends to be a money making machine ignoring our true selves. Who is at fault? We are only responsible for that. We allow and continue to act like zombies. We have to wake up and see the real attractions in nature; a God created a world that resonates with us. Everything that resonates with us and gives us peace, love and relaxation is the real attraction.