Question everything.

Why should we question everything? We must do that because God built everything with perfection and logic. Look out to the universe and look inside to the universe, the one within us. Is there anything that is left to act hazardous? God is maintaining everything in a fantastic order by a great set of laws and complex physics. Why should we not want to understand? Understanding will bring us into a new era, a new evolution. Moreover, that is why we should question until we remember God the way we remember and not the way the others are telling us.
Why am I talking about God so much? You, the reader, may think that this guy is crazy, there is no God. It is great to question, use logic and remember the truth that you, and only you remember. However, then another question will arrive. Why do we listen to someone talking about God? That is also a question that we must ask.
The same logic applies to everything including religion, humanmade laws, media. We should not want to shake our religions, but it is illogical to believe without asking a question. Even the question, why do we believe in that religion? If the answer is because we were born with that religion is coming into our mind that is not relevant. We must come to know the truth by ourselves, and that will be our truth. Everything that others are saying should be just points of reference. We are unique through experience, and so we cannot follow standards. When we remember God without believing blindly, that is the real awakening, the spiritual story within us. So, one last time, we should question and look for answers by ourselves, this is a self-discovery and a God remembrance. When we remember, the knowledge will become so evident that doubt cannot come any more into our hearts. That is a feeling of knowingness without so-called scientific proof, but the proof of our inner feelings.