Magic mirror

The whole world is a magic mirror. Imagine that we are watching each other. I am looking at you, and I see myself. All the struggles that you are experiencing are mine too. Is not that amazing? We are all the same, we came from the same place, and we all will return there again and again. How come we see each other different then? That is because of the experience that we choose to have. We wanted to experience male or female energy. We wanted to grow up poor, or we wanted to see how can evolve being rich and having nothing to worry. All these experiences create a uniqueness in each of us. However, the magic mirror is still here. When we stare into that mirror, and we can see other experiences, and we know it is us. We can see a homeless and have compassion and give him money and food because we know that he is us. We watch kids in the mirror, and we cannot help but ask ourselves how did we change so much? How our experiences made us leave the magic world of our childhood. We are watching our parents and notice that we got so old and we cry inside us. We see happiness and sadness; we see altruism and selfishness; we see forgiveness and madness. We see everything in our collective existence. We all have first or second-hand experiences, but we still have them. We may judge others, but after all, we judge our experiences, we judge ourselves. Moreover, it is so simple to fix the world using this magic mirror. Look at each other and wish and take action for a beautiful experience. Is that simple? Yes, it is. We only have to remember of the mirror every single moment of our life, and once we do we will end suffering, we will end selfishness, we will end the pain. We have to look into the mirror and say “I love you.”
When we see it that way, love becomes what it always has been, the true meaning of our existence.