Why should we appreciate life?

We should appreciate life more than anything because life is an amazing gift from God. If we choose to be atheists and we remove the second part, still we get “life is amazing.” So, no matter what we believe life is beautiful. We know it, and we love it.
God conceived endless life here on Earth. I would say He did it in infinite forms and perspectives. The more we look at it, the more we love it. Yes, we must love it and embrace it because we are all part of it.
It was mentioned metaphoric or maybe not in a movie: “You know what I have learned about your planet? It is enough life on Earth to fill fifty planets. Be prepared for anything.” And that is so true. Mother Earth is a beautiful creation, and it is nurturing all her children so gratefully. Moreover, we must be thankful back to our mother, but instead, we became the plague. We forgot everything our mother taught us, and we are trying to destroy its beauty. We really have to be prepared, this cannot continue indefinitely. Mother Earth, out of love must protect all her children and restore the balance, and at this time we are out of equilibrium. We had and still have so many chances to enhance life, we should not throw these possibilities away. Life has so much meaning when we appreciate it. Let’s find that purpose and restore God’s order. It is so sad to see life going away and leave emptiness behind. We are responsible for the good and bad and that is why we must put our consciences together with one goal only in mind, to protect our mother, to protect this beautiful creation of God, which is life.