Why do we get sick?

What is happening to us, we ask. We get sick all the time. Our bodies are weak; we were born like that it is our genes, there are viruses and bacterias. All that information is passed to us over and over again. Moreover, what do we do with that information? We believe it. We create a belief system, and we cannot get out of it. As doctors, we learn it one way, and we will not choose otherwise. What is the problem? Is there a problem with all of these things? Yes, it is a root problem. First of all, everything is happening to our bodies is created by ourselves, by our belief. Us, the real us inside are sending out a message. We are doing something wrong, and the body is the last resort to make us listen. We receive many signals through our intuition, but our egos get in the way and discharge everything. Then we, the true-selves have no choice but communicate with our body. Some we would listen some would not. We must go to the root and fix the issue, we must re-establish the energetic balance of our body, get the information that keeps us in balance.
That is the proper medicine, work energetically not chemically, fix the root problem, not the output that could be pain or another issue.
Moreover, how do we do that? We have to work with the divine energy, with God’s energy, accepting it and embracing it. We can use many tools for that: meditation, yoga, tai chi, hypnosis, reiki, any of that which resonates with us.
We must fix our souls, and that will fix our bodies.

We may be familiar with the Latin expression “Mens sana in corpore sono” which translate in “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” In the past, we have seen it being used in a wrong way in the gym classes or sports clubs: we must exercise to keep our bodies healthy, and that will take care of our minds. In reality, it is the opposite. A healthy mind, a mind free of ego will maintain our body energy in balance. We have to remember that balance is everything in the universe and beyond. Everything works as expected when a balance is in place. It is no different for us; we maintain this equilibrium and the machinery of our body will function properly.
Now we may ask: what did we do to break the balance? How can we find out? We must stop thinking and ask our intuition, our heart. It will tell us; we work too much, we are too afraid, we do not look and follow our purpose, our heart and so on. That is what we have to retaliate in our lives.