Be a kid

We must be kids again. Kids are amazing teachers. They teach unconditional love; they show us more than that. They remind us how we used to be: innocent, pure and open-hearted. As kids, until we have learned the way of the society, we made no difference in between people. No matter of the skin color, size, age, because at that point we were one with the source, we were light, pure consciousness. Later we learned that we are different and that destroyed everything. We started saying “I am stronger than you,” “I am smarter than you,” “I am richer than you,” where in fact is just “I am.” We have to unlearn what we have learned. Moreover, is not hard if we just try to remember how was life as kids: beautiful and peaceful. Once we all recognize that, why should we want to be different? We want peace and love in our life, and that is what we had as kids. When we stop being a kid, a part of us die out, and it is no doubt that is one of the most beautiful pieces. All the excitement, true happiness and joy are being punished by us, the adults. Moreover, the consequences are terrible. We become the always worried, afraid, preoccupied, egocentric and then we refuse to live a full life, a life to be remembered. It is not too late to come back to our old selves and become kids once more. We never should stop being kids. That the real deal and the secret to happiness. So, how do we start being a kid and reverse the process? We could do that starting with small things, enjoying the tiny things in life; the sound of a toy, the shadow made by our hands in the light, or a kid story; closing our eyes, remember all of that and recall the happy thoughts and feelings that we use to have. We must stop the worries and the loopy thoughts. Is not that simple enough? Let’s try it now for five minutes of our precious time, open the long-closed door and let in the joy and giggle of a kid to come in.