The fear of change

When we read in the bible about the end of the word we get goosebumps or even worse, we start panicking just thinking about that. However, it is nothing to be afraid once we know we are immortal. Everything that happens is just a transformation, evolvement and that is where we have to go. Our spiritual evolution is the only way we can progress. It is not technology; it is not politics it is a spiritual awakening that makes us evolve. We always get this message but our “great mind” which we call ego, chooses to click ignore button. We must stop doing that, we must listen to the message and acknowledge it, and we must not be afraid.
It will be a new experience. Did not we crave for that? We always want a unique experience to become part of us, to help us gain an invaluable understanding and help us to move on. Moreover, when that is happening we get afraid again, and we stop. How do we try to fix the problem? We invented the excuse. Always we find reasons for everything that we know we must do and we would love to do because we are afraid of commitment. We do not like the job, we know that is not our calling, but we say “It is ok, it is good money.” We do not like where we live, and it is nothing in our way to move, but then we say “My family would never accept that.” We may think that we will do it next year, or when our kids are grown up, or when we will make enough money. We like to live the future image of ourselves. We keep dragging through life until we are too old and too tired to even think about it and then when that is happening, we start living in the past, feeding on memories. We heard people looking for retirement to start living their life. What is going on? Why cannot we live life always, before or after retirement? Why, while we are young, cannot live fully and happily? We forget to live the moment. We must remember that the present is all we have and all we can live. Everything else is an illusion of our mind. We must stop the madness; we must stop torturing ourselves and start living. The change is around the corner; we only have to walk there.

It is not hard to commit to the change, commit to happiness. Changing our ways will change the world we live in, and it will not just turn it but transform it into Heaven. That is the change that we should not be afraid of.