Is the technology good or bad?

To start with, we have to understand that there is no such thing: one thing could be right, and one thing could be evil. It is only what we do with it, how we projected it and how we ultimately are using it. Same applies to technology, money, school or any other structure that is part of our life. We can use any of those mentioned above to do right or wrong.
Coming back to technology, we can use it to do amazing things. We are using one right now, pushing this message through the computer to the internet. Doing so is a great thing. People can connect and share ideas, knowledge and spread the word. However, in the same way, lies can be spread, and that is bad, isn’t it?
However, let’s take for example the magical phone. As we check at the subway in an average eight out of ten people were using their device, phone tablet, etc.
That way we, the humans are being cut from communicating and let’s face it we are one, we suppose to be a community.
So why people are using so much those devices? It is straightforward. In the beginning, we are having that question consciously or not in our mind. “Who am I?” Instead of looking deeper and see we live an illusion, we trade that illusion with another one. The one from an artificial word, which is the computer, and instead of talking, communicating, interacting we prefer to escape to this new world, which is not better in any way.
Moreover, later it becomes something else, it becomes an addiction. We are addicted to our electronic devices. We are slipping away from our purpose in life. We should do something that looks very unusual at the current state of mind. We should stay one day without our precious electronics. We should walk into the park and contemplate the nature. We should wait for the night to watch the stars. The show is the best on Earth; we just have to acknowledge it. God created all the beauty for us, and we are rejecting it. We must wake up from this perpetual dream of the technological era. The day that we will be awake could be our new independence day.