A spiritual teacher

We used to see in movies or read books how great is to have a spiritual teacher who guides us all the way to the enlightenment. However, most of the time that cannot happen. When we choose to live and have a family in a western country, we do not have the luxury to go somewhere else for an extended period and look for a spiritual teacher. However, we cannot consider ourselves unlucky because God is guiding us all the way. Through many events that Carl Yung called synchronicity, we find at the right time the right material that we have to study. The author of that material which could be a book, a seminar, a video presentation, a movie, is becoming one of the many spiritual teachers that God sent. We listen to them, and if we fill they resonate with us, we go deeper. If that is not to our liking, we move forward to a new teacher. In that way we get the knowledge of the whole universe, we get the knowledge of Budha, Jesus, Dalai Lamas, Francis, Mother Theresa and all the awakened beings who walked or walking on Earth. We become one student with twenty, fifty, one hundred teachers. Moreover, that is beyond our imagination. On top of that God is our source of inspiration every moment of our lives. We see different people; we understand how is to forgive, love, accept or we experiment and learn from negativity as angriness, fear, and hate, we learn how is it to be away from God so we can apply the necessary corrections to ourselves.
So, after all, we do not have to wait or look for one teacher dressed in white or orange who will show us how to meditate and pray.  We can do that through our heart. We feel it within us, and that is our teacher, that is God talking and calling for us.