Faster and faster

We like the speed. We build faster machines, faster internet; we want to run faster and so on. The faster we run, the better will be, is our thinking. However, we forget one important thing: our lives. When we decide to run so fast through the life, we miss so many things, if not everything that matters. We have to slow down and will get to see the beauty of the world. We will have to enjoy the company of others and the world as is with whatever we consider good or bad. Imagine we have traveling and we get a super speedy train. We look outside, and everything moves so fast that we cannot capture any of it. We may not have seen a bird, a butterfly or even we miss the whole scenery. We arrived at our final destination, and when we are being asked what did we see or did during our trip, we may have nothing to say. The trip was worthless and wasted. That is nothing but our lives. We must make our lives the adventure that we wanted to be. However, for that, we have to take slowly and joyful. Every single day we rush into work, and we rush back home for what? We are taking a shower, eating, sleeping and start again. Isn’t that a fast pace that deceives the purpose? Do we deserve to be here in this dimension if we do not do what we suppose to do? The end of the trip will come, and then we will ask ourselves. Why did we do that? The worst part is there no one will answer for us. We must come with all the answers, and we may have none. That would be the tragedy. Now we may find excuses: “I cannot do it because of my wife, of my parents, of my kids.” Later when we have the opportunity to tell our stories, to laugh and enjoy we will stay in a corner and listen to others and honestly we will be not jealous but upset with us of what others accomplished. We still have time to make this adventure worth it. Let’s stop wasting it.