Living a lie

One of the most inappropriate habits is to find an excuse that will blame someone or something else. Another one is to judge and gossip about others, and another is to lie. Those three habits are the most source of what we call evil in our lives. Everything mentioned above is in one way or another, keeping us apart from the truth. The truth that we are responsible for our lives and there is no one to blame. The truth that judging and gossiping about others is propagating misconceptions and lies within ourselves and finally the truth that lying to others will keep us away from God because others may believe our lie, but we will always know it is not the truth. We may think we got away from a situation, but that lie will cultivate and grow unhappiness within our true-selves.

What is happening when we tell lies after lies in all of the form mentioned above? They are becoming habits, and they will poison little by little our true-selves, we will become sick, and everything will go down the hill. We will become so unhappy that we will lose interest in anything and our lives will become useless. We will live without a purpose, and that is a wasted life. How can we come back? We have to start with us. We must stop lying to ourselves, and that is the first step. We must bring purpose to our lives, and that is the next phase when will stop lying to others. Bringing back the truth, we will make us helping and loving others, and that will make our lives useful. Little by little, we will forgive ourselves, and we will forgive others, and that is the final step. We will start living the truth, and that will be so fruitful that we will become happy for no reason.