The message within

If we ever wonder how our souls aka true selves, communicate with our minds and bodies, we will realize that thoughts, dreams, and body signals are part of it. Let’s just imagine for a minute that we are here to become a writer for example. However, we got caught in the monotony of life, and we are working as an accountant. We know somehow that we do not suppose to do that, we hate our jobs and it is harder and harder to go with it every day. Then is the time when our true selves, our souls, are starting communicating with us. We get ideas and dreams; we get signals to stop what are we doing and focus on our purpose, our talent, but again our ego gets in the way. If we refuse to listen and when “we” in that case refers to our minds, we get more signals, and ultimately signals are being sent to our bodies. We get tired, we get sick, and that is the time we have to listen. We have to change something otherwise everything will become even worse. We must have the courage or better said we must have the wisdom to change. No one said it is necessarily easy, but it is imperative to do it. Unfortunately, many of us find all the excuses in the world and keep dragging with the current way of life. Only at the end of this trip, we will realize that we did not do it right. Let’s be wiser and follow the heart, follow the consciousness and be conscient. When we receive the message, we must stop clicking the ignore button because ignorance brings unhappiness and it makes us less and less aware of our purpose. We should receive the message with all our hearts and look deeper of its meaning. God loves meaning so do we. The meaning gives the sentiment of fulfillment and ultimately shows us the path to follow.