The truth about hypnosis

Many of us get the idea that hypnosis is a crazy dangerous thing and a hypnotist is a crook who wants our money. We have seen in so many movies that people get in trance against their wish just with a snap of the fingers. The truth is far from it. First of all, if someone does not want to be hypnotized, there are minimal chances of success. People are getting scared that being alone with a hypnotist he may do something against their wishes or even that the hypnotist can induce some unwanted thoughts. However, is not the same when we are going for a doctor visit, or when we are going for surgery? We trust people, and that is great. We accept and get help from people.
Let’s talk a little bit about the hypnosis process. What is hypnosis and how may help us? The state of hypnosis is a somnolence state. It is very similar to the phase of pre-sleep. Moreover, this state is present so many times during the day. When we are driving home, for example, we may not remember anything from our way back. That is a state of hypnosis. We are lost in thoughts, and we are driving mechanically without paying attention to anything, and that is like hypnosis state.
We can even observe the brain during hypnosis. Scientists call the monitoring the activity of the brain, electroencephalography (EEG) which is the method of measuring the brain waves. The frequency of those electric waves varies between four and fourteen hertz. The more profound and relaxing we go the lower the frequency is. When we sleep we go as low as four hertz. In hypnosis, the frequency stays at four to eight hertz and is very similar to meditation. At this time we have less or no thoughts, and that is the time when something miraculous is happening. We become ourselves. The mind and the ego step away, and we can connect with the source and work with our bodies. We become once more pure and innocent. During this state we can get read of habits, we can heal, and we can go back to many events throughout this life and other lives, past or future. Our true self will guide and access the right events that will bring peace and purpose to our lives. Bottom line, it is nothing to worry about. Hypnosis is a great tool that God left for us to remember. Some of the religious people insist that hypnosis is to be evil and should be forbidden, but we already know that nothing is evil but what we use as evil. Everything in this world has a dual meaning. It is up to us how to use it. We made mistakes all over our long history, we have used the name of Jesus to kill when he is pure love and taught us to love each other. We use the atomic power to destroy, we use the scientific achievement to kill. Everything can be used for the good or the evil, with no exception. So, is hypnosis evil? It cannot be. It is just another gift sent by God. That is all.