What is the fanaticism

We can get worked up and become fanatics for any cause with or without that we believe its evidence; it could be religion, it could be politics, it could be a conspirational theory, it could be nationalism and so on. Do we need proof to become fanatics? Some may say that is no evidence and still people go with it. As per absence of the evidence, we have to be careful. We have been thought to believe in the hard evidence, the one that media proves with facts and events. That evidence may be falsified as well, and lies can be promoted, and we are made to believe them. We should look more of the evidence through life. We may not believe in the conspirational theory, but less than two percent of the people control all the finance and financial tools, we do not believe in God but looking around us everything is in perfect order and balance, the Earth, the universe, or life as a whole. As somebody said, we must leap of faith to believe there is no God. After all, we live in a relative world, and that makes it harder when we talk about evidence.
However, there is no justification for being fanatic. This kind of energy destroys the good in us. All our love is rejected, and we may start turning against each other. How many times have we seen friends and family fighting over politics? We got to the point that we yell, disapprove and stop talking to our friends and families for days. Later when we realize what we were doing, we are ashamed. We mention in a previous article the primordial feeling which is love and the feelings that come from the absence of love. Well, the fanatism is promoting nothing but hate and fear, so fanatism is the mechanism that removes love and creates the separation of humanity.


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  1. gabimili says:

    Could you fight against fanaticism whiteout be fanatic? Fanatic against fanaticism. Anti-fanaticism is itself a fanaticism. Especially because the fanaticism could not be ignored, could it? Is the photography you proposed an illustration of fanaticism? Couldn’t be.

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