How can we end Karma?

What is Karma? Karma is the concept of accumulating lousy energy, the energy that does not match the signature of the true self. It can be accumulated in a life or multiple lives, and usually, we need to fix it. Who decided that? We do. Nobody will tell us we were wrong but us.

How do we create Karma in the first place? Well, it is straightforward to accumulate Karma. We have contracts with many beings once we get into existence and we cannot keep them on good terms. For example, we decided to come here to experience sadness and pain and see how good we are, how we can keep the light within us. At some point, we cannot take it any longer, and we get out of it. We are leaving unfinished business, and the cycle of energy is not completed. We hear that so many people are leaving the parents’ house on bad terms and never wanted to see or talk to them again. That is one mechanism Karma is being passed for the life to come. We must learn to forgive and keep the energy at a peaceful pace. Many time we have the feeling that we know someone which is making our life miserable. That could be one of the cases when we have created Karma in a previous life perhaps. Our true selves know it, and that is one of the reason that the closer we are to the end of this life the more we want to forgive and be forgiven. We know that is the way to end Karma and move on. So, it is not too late to start doing so. It is the way to happiness and peace.